Taking time for ourselves is often very difficult for working moms. Then there is the issue of having the energy to get your booty to the gym. Like many moms I know, we get up super early and go all day. Then when kids are finally in bed we may have an hour to prepare for the next day. Two key ingredients that will help any busy mom conquer any fitness goals are outlined below.

Food Prep:  I will certainly tell you that taking a few extra minutes to prepare food for the next day is going to go a long way in your fitness journey. Preparing your breakfast for the next day or at least having it ready to be made is going to be the key for crazy mornings. Sunday’s are when I have the most free time available, so I normally prepare several days worth of food for myself and my family. Preparation is the single best way to make sure you are not cheating on your diet. If you are hungry and you do not have any food prepared, you are almost always sure to fail and eat something bad for you.

Gym Time:  The big key is fitting in gym time around all other family obligations. Some of my best workouts have taken place on lunch breaks or in the mornings before I go into the office. After work, make sure you are staying active with the whole family. Making it a part of your family’s routine makes it that much easier for you to stick with your goals. Most of us have extra time on the weekends as well and this is perfect to catch up on your workouts that you may have missed during the week. Starting Saturday mornings out in the gym is a perfect beginning to an active weekend.