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Everyone needs a happy place. A place they can head to relax and enjoy life. While most can easily say their happy place is the beach, the mountains or a family vacation spot, it is also important to have a place to go to on a more regular basis. While it took me a while to identify what truly made me happy on a daily basis, I discovered a few important factors that helped me find my happy place.

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Your happy place should be easily accessible. It is important to be able reach your happy place on a regular basis. While I love the beach, it really isn’t a place I can go to even once a month. Therefore, I wouldn’t be able to unwind but every few months! Finding a place closer to home has resulted in me learning how to better unwind on a more regular basis.

Learn about yourself. Do you rejuvenate with a crowd or alone? Your happy place should be a place that recharges you and makes you feel refreshed ready to tackle life.

Think about what you love and don’t worry about what others think. Do you love watching movies? Then indulge and go to the theater! Don’t worry about what others may think about watching too many movies. Everybody has different interests and will want to spend their “me time” differently.

Most importantly, your happy place doesn’t need to be just one place. Just do what you love, recharging and relaxing! Sometimes I want nothing more than to read a book when other times I enjoy a massage. Learning that my happy place isn’t an actual place, but actually just doing what I want, has been the greatest lesson.

Discovering your happy place is important in taking care of yourself. It allows you to become happier and more content. It also will allow you be more present and able to approach the challenges you face each day with confidence. Taking time to recharge will provide you with the energy you need to stay positive! While the beach is always my first happy place, I have also found great value in learning that my happy place is also reading, exercising and spending a night in with my family.

Where (or what) is your happy place? Share in the comments below!