One of the things I wrote on my “work on 2013 list” was that I want to truly live my life more positive. Since battling with depression after my first daughter was born, it’s easy to sometimes fall back into the “half empty” way of thinking. Even though most days I’m happy, excited, and positive, I want to work even harder on this in 2013. Here are 3 simple things that we can do each day to live a more positive, fulfilled and happy life! 2013 is the year to do all the things we want to do and to change the things that are holding us back from doing it! Let’s go! 1. Let go of things you can’t control. Things that might happen in the future or things that did happen in the past. We need to once and for all let go of the things we cannot control. Thinking about these uncontrollable things just makes us feel stressed and anxious. Now is the time to deal with what we can, and it’s time to leave behind everything we just can’t fix. 2. Be thankful for the little things. It’s easy to take things for granted. But, I want us all to stop and just be thankful for everything we have in our lives. While working on the bigger, better dreams and goals, let’s not forget what we have here right now in this moment. Be thankful for your children, spouse, friends, parents and thank them for being just who they are. Be thankful for the environment around you, the house you live in, the goals and dreams that you are able to have. 3. Write 3 things each day in a gratitude journal. It’s so easy to take things for granted. But, I really want us all to take the time to each day to write 3 things that either happened, we felt, or anything else we are thankful for just that day. Here are MY 3 things I’m so very thankful for today. 1. I got to cuddle with my baby this morning, just me and her. I got to see her beautiful smile and soak everything about her in. She is growing so fast and I never want to forget the feelings I shared with her this morning. 2. I don’t ever want to take my washer machine for granted. Even though I do not like laundry at all, today I want to be thankful for having it helping me out each day. 3. I’m thankful for going grocery shopping and being able to have healthy food in my fridge. Even though I wish we could eat more organic, at this point we are picking and choosing, making better changes each day to grow healthy daughters and for us to be able to enjoy it right there with them. Positive in 2013 is my go to mantra! Will you join me in finding the positive in the everyday little things? Love and Health to ya!