Ok, I am a little late in posting this but here it is.  I finished Brazilian Butt lift last week.  I am going to miss it a bit; even though my dancing ability is less than desirable it was a fun workout.

In the end I lost about an inch on my hips and thighs.  My butt is definitely rounder and my jeans are looser.  As with any workout program you have to have the diet component or it will not work…but my diet has been pretty clean recently too.

All in all, Brazilian Butt lift is fun and I will incorporate it into my legs and glute training days.  It is pretty affordable also and a good one to have in your workout DVD library.  I actually like Beach Body workouts for the most part.  I really enjoy P90X for those of you looking to build some muscle and Insanity is crazy but a ton of fun and very effective.  I thought that hip hop abs was a bit silly but it isn’t my style.  If you are looking to workout at home Beach Body definitely has some workout that will work for you.  Oh and I almost forgot; I just found out that if you have a couple Beach Body workouts that you can ask your Beach Body coach to give you hybrid workouts that combine what you have…to keep variety in your workouts.

You can order all of the Beach Body workouts from http://www.teambeachbody.com/kbarglof