I am truly enjoying all of the fall colors but with those wonderful fall days come the drop in temperature. It can be a bit more difficult to convince my family to bundle up for an evening walk.  In lieu of dragging them kicking and screaming out the door, I decided to become a bit more creative with our walking itinerary.

Here are some ideas for how to get your family to race you to the door for that evening stroll:

  1. Have a Photo contest: Not only will this friendly competition for best fall picture keep all ages entertained, it is a great way to get some more shots of your family members’ beautiful mugs. Have a theme for the photo shoot; prettiest tree, impromptu scarecrow poses, or best leaf angel, and have your family flash those silly poses. All you need is your camera and those beautiful smiles.
  2. Play Fall Bingo: Often used for long car trips, this I-Spy version of bingo can help your kids appreciate the beauty of fall or the fun of Halloween on your walks. Pre-make your bingo sheets with items such as a jack-o-lantern, a black cat, or other Halloween or fall favorites; and bring a sheet of stickers to mark off your family’s finds.
  3. Score your neighbors’ Halloween décor: Halloween decorations on Halloween night can be a little scary, but seeing them in the light of day might be more fun for your little ones. Have categories like best use of cobwebs or silliest jack-o-lantern or let your kids make the categories before you go. Your neighbors will like that you appreciate all their hard work and you can even let them know if they won!
  4. Have a quick Scavenger Hunt: If your family is already pretty familiar with the decorations around the neighborhood you can have a scavenger hunt with the decorations as clues. For example, if your neighbor has a scarecrow out front write a clue that says Come visit me I’m the one with straw hair, I’m not very busy since there aren’t too many crows that I can scare. This not only gets your kids active, it gets their brains going as they try to figure out each clue.
  5. Tell a Fall Family Story: Make a silly madlib about your family on a fall adventure and let your kids fill in the blanks with items that they see along their walk. They will not only have fun scoping out weird items to fill in the blanks with, they will be anxious to hear how your silly story turns out. Also, if you write the story ahead of time on some festive paper it makes a great item to place in a family scrapbook.

For each of these ideas you can have a small prize or it can simply be just for the enjoyment of winning or creating a great keepsake. This makes your evening walk a fun activity together and is sure to give you many memories of these crisp fall days.