Imagine this, you’re smack dab in the middle of the hardest spin class of the week, when all of a sudden you burp and you get that unpleasant burn from your stomach all the way up your throat. It is such an uncomfortable feeling. According to an article on Web MD, exercise-induced heartburn occurs when certain muscles in your esophagus are too weak or relaxed, or if you eat highly acidic foods (things like pasta sauce or orange juice fall into this category).

Here are some tried and true methods to combat heartburn while exercising:

Try eating a snack several hours before your workout. Some individuals need a snack in order to have the energy to pull through a tough run. If you’re one of those folks (like me), try eating 2 to 3 hours before your scheduled workout.


Try workouts that keep you upright. If you tend to suffer from frequent heartburn, then skipping exercises like bench presses or any other exercise that causes you to lie flat may be all that you need. If you’re looking for alternatives check out these total body moves, right here on Skinny Mom.

Experiment with your workout. Certain workouts may be more apt to cause heartburn than others, take some time and experiment with different types. You’ll likely find that the higher the intensity, the more likely you are to experience the heartburn. Use trial and error to find out what’s causing your burn and then adjust accordingly.


As a last ditch effort, try taking an antacid. Keep some antacids in your gym bag and pop one at the first sign of heartburn.  Antacids like Tums are fast-acting and will likely bust through the burn you’re feeling while jogging that last mile.

Armed with these tips, I’m hoping that I no longer have to deal with the heartburn that comes from breaking a sweat.