Name: Fayrose Gordon

Diagnosed At Age: 74

Status: Fighting stage 4 breast cancer

The Skinny Mom team had the great pleasure to get to know Fayrose before she passed away this past Friday at 90 years old. While she was diagnosed with the cancer in her 70’s, and had stage 4 for more than 5 years, she lived with cancer in total for fifteen years. Her positivity, spunk and genuine kindness brought a beautiful light to this office, and we are incredibly honored to have gotten the chance to interview her. A friend of Fayrose believed “she wouldn’t want her passing to get in the way of her story appearing in Skinny Mom, and hopefully inspiring others. After all, she’s not just a survivor, but a thriver. Cancer did not get in the way – she found love again, was as active as ever through her treatments and went on to publish a book while living with stage 4 cancer. So I hope very much you’d still like to run the story.”

We would love nothing more than to begin our 31 Survivors In 31 Days breast cancer awareness series with the beautiful and compassionate Fayrose Gordon.

Bio: Fayrose Gordon grew up in Detroit, MI then moved to Hollywood where she was the star in several well known commericals in the 1960’s. From an early age, she was involved in philanthropy and whichever community she lived in, she always left her mark. She had a love for tap dancing and enjoyed staying active, swimming laps every morning for the past 30 years. Fayrose is survived by her two daughters, Wendy Joy and Lonni – both cancer survivors.

My reaction when I was first diagnosed: It didn’t scare me. I had my “white light” (an energy that I tap into with my 60 second technique) that made me secure within myself. I picked out doctors that I had respect for to do the treatment. There wasn’t any fear because I’m a positive thinker. Being positive really eliminates fear.

How I’m feeling now: I live one day at a time and if on that day I have a lot of energy, I go swimming, I go shopping, I go gambling. If I don’t have a lot of energy, I stay at home and read and watch television – and I’m on Facebook a lot! Nobody knows their tomorrow, so it’s important to live in the day you’re in. We cannot project. People who project live in fear.

My inspirations: My Great White Light. It’s a gift I received from G-d. I couldn’t have been more inspired by anything. It gives me the inspiration to remain calm, remain positive, to understand my body, and do sensible things each day that I exist. The white light also enables me to work better with doctors. If I’m relaxed, I’m more receptive to healing. And here I am living an active, happy life with more than five years of stage 4 cancer.

My parents, Ida and Sid Pallitz, were my inspirations. They were my best friends. We never had an argument. They taught me too seek out people whom I’m able to help and do the best I’m able to do for them. My parents were always positive so I was raised in a very positive family. If you want to do something, you will find a way to do it. In life, I’ve taken on tasks that others would have found insurmountable. But my parents said to me, if you are willing and have the strength and energy, then it’s your duty to help. I’ve helped veterans, a school for the blind children, set up an inventors fair, a singles group for people in my retirement community, etc.

My support system: My White Light is my support system. Also, my children. I could talk to them about anything; I’m extremely close to my two girls. We call ourselves ‘The Three Musketeers.” I’m very family orientated. The immediate support system is my children, but all my cousins too. My cousins were the ones who surprised me by publishing my book. My nieces and nephews are more like children to me. I’m like a grandma to their children. I watched them grow up and had quality time with them.

If families could express love and support for each other, that’s great. The more support you have in life, the healthier thinking you will have.


I’m proud of: I’m proud of the fact that I had parents who set those positive goals for me such as helping people, and I’m proud of my choice to continue that. They created that legacy. I’m proud of my daughters and that they are both in programs that help people. They picked up the legacy. I’m proud to be a role model for three generations of my family.

I’m afraid of: I don’t have many fears besides snakes. I used to have a fear of planes, but when I was given the white light, I turned the fear into positive energy.

I’ve learned: I’ve learned about people. I’ve learned to accept everyone for who they are. I don’t criticize people for what they do. Let everybody tell you exactly what they think, and if you are so positive of who you are, the criticism doesn’t really reach you. All you can say is, “I’m sorry you don’t feel the same way about me.”

What I’ve also learned is not to react. In fact, I have a wonderful tool. If someone is being argumentative or confrontational, I imagine that person is on stage playing a role and I’m in the audience. This tool helps ease the tension, and If I’m an observer, I hear more clearly what they say. If I’m in confrontation with them, I don’t hear what they say as I am composing my response.

My advice to new patients: Whatever your diagnosis is, it’s man made. Your life is guided by your Higher Power. Your doctor isn’t G-d. It’s his opinion only. No one can tell you with certainty when your time is up. You can say, “Well, I choose to think I can do this.” And that’s how I choose to think.

When my daughter was 27, her doctor said that she had a year to live. Not one minute did I think she was going to leave this earth, and here she is over thirty years later, leading a happy and healthy life.

To hear more positivity and inspiration from Fayrose, check out her book: The Great White Light – 60 Second Relief from Stress and Pain. It is available on Amazon and Lulu. To see her energy firsthand, please check out her interview on YouTube – “90 Year Old Woman’s Secret Revealed” – by clicking here.

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