After attending my yearly exam and once again speaking to my doctor about my consistent battle of the bulge, she gave me some very interesting insight. While I argued the point of my strenuous workouts and minimal cheat meals, she stopped me and said something I never really considered before. “Look, you can workout all you want,” she said. “However, once you hit your 30’s and beyond, every calorie counts. Your body doesn’t care if those calories are in the form of protein, fruits, veggies or crap. It all still counts.” She went on to mention all the ladies you see at the gym, every single day putting in their 60-90 minutes, and yet at the end of one month or even three months, there is no change to their bodies. She even laughed and said, “Honey, if it were as easy as exercise, every woman on a treadmill would be a size 2.” Point noted.

With that in mind, I started to think about my diet and food choices. Generally speaking, I think I eat very healthy at least 90% of the time, however I’m typically more concerned with low carb picks than my overall calorie count and I have been known to sneak in two cheat meals a week versus the allotted one. With one pound of fat making its way onto my body with every extra 3,500 calories, turns out that just a couple nights of beer and pizza or even one too many steaks could be enough to cancel out an entire week of workouts and ruin all chances of weight loss.

In an effort to try to change my diet thought process, I researched some Apps online. After finding disappointment in many, I finally found one that suited me. The App is called Lose It. When you first download the App, it will ask you for your height and weight details. Then it will ask if you want to gain or lose weight. Based on that answer, it asks how many pounds per week you are aiming to lose or gain (2 pounds per week being the maximum). Once all that detail is entered, the App gives you a daily calorie allowance. The App also allows you to track what you eat by either entering the food manually, searching for the food in the App’s extensive food library or my favorite, scanning the bar code of that food item! Once you scan the bar code, all nutritional information is immediately entered. All you need to do is select how much of that item you ate, and the calories are deducted from your daily allowance.

The App also has a library of workouts that you can add, which in return depending on the intensity of the workout, adds additional calories back into your daily allowance. In an effort to test my doctor’s theory, I  abandoned my fear of carbs favoring food items I tend to enjoy a little bit more (cheat meals included), and simply stay at or under my daily calorie allowance. To my surprise, I did drop 2 pounds as predicted by the App.

So, is the App a magic solution for weight loss? Not necessarily. You still need to make good choices, and picking a healthy salad over say, two scoops of ice cream, is always a better choice. However, if the word diet and the sight of one more grilled chicken breast leaves your gag reflex feeling vulnerable, give the App a try. It’s the absolute easiest way I have found to really stay on track.