Hey moms!  So I have always been big on cards, thank yous, and sending notes.  It has become more of a challenge to remember to send them out since I have had the baby (I don’t know if it is baby brain, exhaustion, or lack of time), but I am trying to make the effort and I have a little secret that has made it easier for me that I want to pass along to you all.

A friend turned me onto the website Tiny Prints a little over a year ago.   I order all of my stationary, holiday cards, invitations and personal cards from the site.  The coolest thing about the site is that you can personalize your cards with the recipiants name, a personal message, and include photos!!  If that weren’t enough of a reason to make your cards online, Tiny Prints will mail your cards and they are less expensive than if I purchased them at Hallmark.

So if you are thinking of what to get that special man in your life for Father’s Day, I would definitely suggest starting with a perfect card.  Check out the site and see for yourself.  Make sure to use this promotion code , FDGC99, you can get your Father’s Day cards for only 99 cents!!! I just made my Father’s Day cards and of course I covered them in pics of my son to send them to daddy, my dad, and grandfather.  Hope you enjoy!

Do you have a website, service, or item that makes your life easier?  I would love to hear from you, hit me up on facebook or email me at [email protected]

*The promotional code expires on June 14th!