We all know the days 6 PM hits us like a ton of bricks. The kids are running around mad, four different TVs are blaring Sponge Bob Square Pants, and text tones are rattling the brain. When you just can’t get it together to cook an involved meal but don’t even want to think about getting the kids together to have a nice dinner out in public, these super quick, super easy, no-recipe dinner ideas from SparkPeople may be the perfect thing for you! These 10 recipes are as tasty as they are quick, and they use common staple ingredients that can be totally customizable. We always love a hassle free meal. Don’t you think it tastes better when you don’t have to work for it?

healthy meat and bean burrito

Build your own burrito: Choose whole-grain wraps (I like Ezekiel sprouted grain ones), add beans, a sauce, and a handful of at least two veggies.

    • Pinto beans, chipotle salsa, mixed greens, chopped red pepper
    • Black beans, hoisin sauce, cabbage kimchi, shredded carrots
    • Chickpeas, curry sauce, spinach, steamed broccoli

healthy quinoa bean and salsa bowl

Beans, greens and grains: Saute up some aromatics if you have them, then add your chopped greens. (Try frozen precut greens–no need to add extra water!) Saute until almost tender, season with salt and pepper, then stir in your precooked beans and grains just to heat. Stir and top with hot sauce, nutritional yeast, or even a fancy mustard.

    • Black-eyed peas, collards, and barley. Top with smoked paprika and hot sauce.
    • Black beans, kale, and quinoa. Top with salsa and chopped avocado.
    • White beans, broccoli, and farro. Add sun dried tomatoes and capers.

healthy arugula orange and beet salad

A giant salad: Make it a meal by starting with a base of dark, leafy greens. Don’t skimp–at least 3-4 cups. Add a handful (1/2 cup serving) of two or three vegetables, a serving of protein, and something tasty to sauce it up, plus a fun topping. Add a simple whole-grain or serve it on the side.

    • Mixed greens with farro, sliced red onion, fennel and shredded carrots, topped with Italian-style tofu, balsamic vinaigrette and chopped olives.
    • Romaine with black beans, bell peppers, grape tomatoes, salsa, and chopped avocado, with baked tortilla chips (Bonus: sprinkle on nutritional yeast and hot sauce)
    • Arugula with sliced almonds, grapes, broccoli, with tarragon vinaigrette and a slice of whole-grain baguette

healthy scrambled tofu

Tofu scramble: Whatever you used to put into omelets you can put into tofu scramble. Find the recipe here (the basic version), then add leftover sautéed vegetables. Serve with toast or roasted potatoes. Vegan cheese (Daiya) on top would be excellent.

    • Spinach, onions and mushrooms
    • Black beans, peppers, and vegan Cheddar
    • Tomatoes, kale and roasted peppers, plus basil

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