Technology these days has allowed us to have state of the art workout equipment right at our fingertips. And while we all love the best of the best, us females like to look our best, too. So, what about a product that is going to track your physical activity, while looking tremendously chic? We’ll take that.

Withings is introducing their latest product: ActivitéThis is a watch that basically does it all:


Photo credit: HiConsumption

  • Tracks your steps, running and swimming (waterproof)
  • Traveling? It instantly adjusts to your timezone.
  • Connects to your smart phone.
  • Monitors your sleep — the time you fall asleep, and your length of light or deep sleep.
  • Chic leather strap.
  • Plastic strap for working out.

Photo credit: iMore

Does the list keep going? Yes, it does.

  • Doesn’t require charging
  • Alarm clock — not only tells you the time, but wakes you up!
  • iOS compatible
  • Bluetooth
  • Responsive glass — tap your watch to activate it
  • Have a workout plan? Tell your watch your daily objective of what you want to accomplish!

Photo credit: HiConsumption

This watch couldn’t be more amazing. Not only will you be satisfied by how it looks on your wrist, but you’ll also be satisfied by how it will make you look as a whole. While the watch isn’t available just yet, be the first to show it off; notify Withings here by simply submitting your email.