Sitting here writing this article I am desperately trying to keep my composure as shoes, and any topic involving them, are my number one weak spot! Every woman loves her shoes, and why not? They can take an outfit from day to night, complete a look, slim your legs, give you extra height and let us not forget that shoes always fit, making them an incredible ego booster, even on a “fat day”. To help sort through the good, the great and the necessary of the season, I called on LeAura Luciano, Lifestyle Expert at and founder of!

According to Luciano, summer 2012 is all about color! “Bright colors are a must,” she says, “Neon too if possible.” She also recommends animal prints and nautical details and says that the three best styles for summer are the wedge, the platform and the boat shoe.

While every woman loves a reason to buy more shoes, sometimes we all have to make that one great pair transition from a Saturday picnic with friends to a date night with the hubby. In order to look effortlessly amazing regardless of the time of day, Luciano says the wedge is always the best bet. “They can go from day to night with the right outfit,” she says. “They’re also great for outdoor activities and don’t get stuck in the grass like heels do.” If a wedge is not your style, a good pair of flats can have the same effect. Try ones with small embellishments or sparkles for a look that is easy going enough for the day yet still eye catching enough for night!

Now let’s talk about prices. Sure we’d all love a closet lined with Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin, but who has the extra cash? That’s why LeAura Luciano leant us her expert eye for style, and spotted us a few “Splurge vs. Steal” examples.

For a big summer splash, LeAura loves starfish details, but at $750 a pair, these Miu Miu’s are not exactly practical.

Miu Miu at

Instead, try these Nine West Flip Flops for only $49!

Nine West from


A black and white platform is always on trend and a look that’s completely timeless. However, at $595 these Striped Platforms from Pierre Hardy are way over budget.

Pierre Hardy from

Instead try this pair from Nine West. They still have that classic look, but at a price just under $90.00, you’ll still be able to afford a little black dress to match!

Nine West from

Finally, who wouldn’t feel like a Goddess in these Christian Loubontin sparkly heels? But at almost $4,000 a pair you’d have to drug your husband to ever get his approval.

Christian Louboutin

Instead, try these stunners from Aldo. At just $100 a pair, you’ll be the knockout and still have a few bucks left over to buy him something too!

Aldo shoes from