Ah, fashion. We love it, we loath it, we celebrate it and we fear it. Every woman alive has a love/hate relationship with fashion; always loving what we look great in and hating the rest. To assist you in your fashion sense, I’ve pulled some top picks and even enlisted two style experts to help sort through the “must-knows” in the fashion world; Tara Martin, Co-Founder of the Closetnista and Lindsay Weiner of StyleMeASAP!

#1 – Find a tailor… According to Lindsay Weiner, this is perhaps the most important tip for women. Having clothes tailored to properly fit your body can be the first step in taking a look from sloppy to sexy and as Lindsay says, “If it fits perfectly, the piece will look custom made!”

#2 – NO MOM JEANS PLEASE…Yes, we all must evolve as we grow from our 20’s into our 30’s, 40’s and beyond, but evolving does not mean an extra foot of fabric in places that you don’t need it. Look for jeans that fit your body. If you have an amazing hourglass, show it off with low rise jeans. Got a muffin top? Try moderate rise jeans that sit just below the belly button. Proud of your junk in the trunk? Look for jeans that have a bit more room in the back but are still fitted at the waist. The right fit can make every pair of jeans your favorite “skinny jeans”.

#3 – Color up those lips ladies… Tara Martin believes in trial and error when it comes to makeup but says you cannot go wrong with a bold lip this season. “Pink and red are key” she says. Stay within your color pallet choosing lighter shades if your skin is fair and bolder ones if you have an olive complexion. Then just have fun with it.

#4 – Go for warm tresses… With summer in the air you may be tempted to start streaking your hair platinum, but don’t!! This season, warmer shades will do you far more justice. If you love blonde then go blonde, but stick to buttery and golden blondes with a few lighter pieces around the face. If you’re a brunette, piece in some auburn streaks or even caramel (very J-Lo). If you’re a red head, try some copper or caramel highlights to brighten your look. The idea is to look sun kissed, not like you’ve been deserted on an island for months.

#5 – Know you’re ABC’s… Accentuate…Balance and Camouflage! Lindsay says that knowing your assets and your downfalls so to speak, will help you create a look that’s better balanced. For example, if you have an inverted triangle shape, add color or patterns to your pants or skirts to create volume. If you have an hour glass shape, always wear items that cinch at the waist to show it off.

#6 – The lucky seven… There may be Seven Wonders of the World but there are also seven great wonders that you should have in your closet right now. Those items are; a black dress, a blazer, a great fitting denim, a classic pump, a classic handbag, a leather jacket and a ballet flat. If you are missing even one of these items, I suggest you head the mall ASAP and get your shop on! Tara says that mixing and matching these seven items can not only give you a variety of looks that go from dressy to casual, it will also save you a ton of money.

#7 – Show some skin, but just a little… Knowing how to balance what you flaunt is key if you want to be sexy and avoid skanky. The rule of thumb is, choose top or bottom but never both. Meaning, if you want to push up the girls and showcase them in a cleavage bearing shirt, go for it! Just make sure to balance out the look with pants or at least a skirt or shorts that hit closer to the knee. If you have legs to die for and can seriously rock a mini like you’re doing it a favor, hike that baby up. Just make sure your shirt is more on the modest side and keeps the girls under wrap.

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#8 – Grab your man shirt… Few items can rival the cotton button up. It can be professional, casual and even sexy depending on what you pair it with. Make sure your closet has at least one in white and one in black. Try pairing with dress pants for the workplace, skinny jeans for a casual date and if you’re feeling sassy, throw on a sparkly mini and some strappy sandals for a super, sexy look.

#9 – Have a day to night dress… According to Tara Martin, this is one of the most important tips for busy moms out there who don’t want to look like a busy mom. Find yourself a simple sundress, preferably in a solid color or light pattern. During the day, pair it with sandals or flip flops and a cute ponytail or top knot to pick up the kids. When night falls and you’re off to dinner with the hubby, slide on some heels, dress it up with some bold necklaces and bracelets and let your hair down. The transition can be done in a matter of minutes but the results will look like you were primping all night.

#10 – Try solids to slim and patterns to add curves… This fashion rule has been around for ages and is on the top of Lindsay Weiner’s list! Dressing monochromatic (using one color for all major pieces) will slim the body, while pops of color and patterns create a fuller look. So, if you’re trying to slim your figure, try darker colors for your main pieces like pants and jackets and then add pops of color with shirts, belts, scarves and shoes. If you’re trying to add some curves, pick the body parts that you really want to pop, and then add a bold pattern or bright color combined with some neutral shades in other pieces.

#11 – Double up on the good stuff… As a curvier woman myself, I’ll be the first to say that I rarely like anything I try on at the store. However, when I do find a look that I love I buy it in multiples!! The next time you’re shopping and find a pair of jeans that make your butt look like you’ve mastered the Brazilian Butt Lift, grab a few pairs. Just make sure you get them in different colors or shade variations. If you find a dress that brings out your hourglass shape in a way that would make Jessica Rabbit green with envy, hook your closet up with a party full of those dresses (again in different shades). Pairing the same look with different shoes and accessories will still give you that same gorgeous shape, but will look like you’re wearing a completely different outfit every day.

#12 – Do a top knot…Sure we all love summer, but that gross humidity that ruins every style we try… YUCK! This summer instead of slaving in front of the mirror desperately trying to make your hair do things you know it’s just not going to do, give your irons a rest and tie it up! Whether you like your knot tight and slicked back for a polished look or messy with falling tendrils for that relaxed Boho look, either way you’ll be effortlessly sexy… literally!

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#13 – Day to night bags… Hey, we all love having a plethora of purses at our disposal but sometimes you just need a one stop shop kind of deal. Take a look around and you’ll see that many smaller hand bags come with an optional strap that can easily be tucked away inside the purse or removed altogether. Grab yourself a few bags in a variety of colors from bold yellow and fuchsia to gold and silver metallic, and with the slip of a strap you’ll be ready to go from daytime to dinner time in no time flat.

#14 – Shop prepared… If you’re just shopping for a random shirt or shoe than of course no worries here. However, if you’re shopping for something specific, like a knockout date dress or something for a wedding or graduation, come prepared. Bring shoes, undergarments and even Spanx. Often times trying on an outfit with everything that should go with it (and underneath it); give you a better gauge of how you really look in the outfit. The right accessories, shoes and even undergarments can easily take a look from “Blah” to beautiful.

#15 – Check yourself out… No matter what you are buying, always try it on first. Make sure you look at yourself from all angles; front, side and back. If the dressing room has a seat, sit down in the garment. Lift your leg, bend, move, etc. The worst mistake ever is to buy and wear a dress that looks amazing when you stand, but the second you sit serves as a billboard for your muffin top. Choose wisely and see all of what you’re getting before you buy.

#16 – Layer it up… From tank tops to necklaces, layering can be key when trying to really make a bold statement. Combine bright colored tanks with neutral colors and layer bangle bracelets with tennis bracelets. Layer necklaces from short to long and add color or sparkle when possible. Many pieces may look boring on their own, but when you pair them up, creates a bold and fun look for day or night.

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#17 – Go nude… At least when it comes to your shoes. Pairing nude heels with dress in red, yellow or even a classic black will not only brighten things up for summer, it will instantly add the appearance of several inches to the length of your legs.

#18 – Say yes to animal print… While too much animal print may have people wondering if you recently killed a Cheetah, adding pops of the print to different pieces in your wardrobe can be both sexy and sophisticated. Try adding animal printed pieces like bracelets, shoes, hand bags, scarves and even jackets to your attire. Even a thick leopard printed headband could be the perfect touch to make your style go “Grrrr!”

#19 – Create your own hourglass… This is one I can totally relate to. When it comes to shape, mine is a flat out nightmare. However, even when you naturally lack the ever so sought after hourglass figure, you can still fake it. Try pairing flowy dresses with a thick belt to cinch the waist. Better yet, stock up on fitted jackets and pair them with everything from jeans to shorts. Use push up bras to create fullness at the top if you lack it, and remember the rule; flowy at the top, flowy at the bottom, fitted at the waist. The combo may not give you a 36-24-36 body, but at least you’ll look like you have it.

#20 – Try it all… One tip that both fashion experts could agree on is to never be afraid to try. It is always good to stick with what works for you, but you can still try new things. If you love wearing black all of the time that’s great. Just try adding colored accessories or brighten up your makeup to make a statement. Want to try those beachy waves that all of your friends seem to have mastered? Go for it. Every woman needs to take a least a little bit of time to reinvent herself from time to time. Set aside a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon when you don’t have anywhere in particular to be and experiment. Head to the mall and sample new makeup, try new patterns or colors or shop for new looks and styles. You never know what you’ll truly love on yourself until you see it. The world is your runway… go walk it ladies!

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