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If you are tired of your black maxi dress, or find it a little less than flattering some days, we have a great option. To give the dress more shape and an extra chic layer, use a denim button up. These denim tops aren’t going away any time soon. So, maximize both the dress and the trend.

If you’ve hit any of the stores, online or at the mall, you should be seeing a lot of tie tops. I’ve heard a lot of weary, lived through the 80s and 90s moms who can’t believe this style is so hot right now. Depending on how you wear it, it can date you. You have to pay attention to the styling of the top, not so much the cut or fit.

But, this outfit is the perfect way to work the trend that’s age appropriate as well as modern.

The fit of the button up should be a bit looser. That’s why the tie really helps; it accentuates the silhouette. Go with a simple gladiator. Spring is full of mixed prints and fun fabric. So, we like mixing the black and gold jewelry with some brown faux-leather accents.

We love My Other Bag for an eco-chic look. The style pictured is their Jackie in Classic Black. All their purses are made from recycled fiber and made in the US! Check out these designer bags here.

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