Lace resurfaces every year. Right now, it’s super trendy as a dress.

Many of the lace dresses are belted, sweetheart necklines with a solid bodice that is covered by the sheer which covers the color and makes it a sleeveless dress. Here we have pieced together a very casual lace dress look. Be careful with the belts. Belted dresses can and will shorten your torso, so if you are a shorter gal you may want to ditch the belt–especially if you have a bigger chest! We love the soft braided bun for a hair style. It’s consistent with the free flowing style of the dress!



But, bodycon dresses are also very in style. Bodycon dresses are generally short and tight–the exact opposite of what you think a “mom” should wear correct? Well, we sought out to prove that wrong. You CAN pull off a mature–and slightly longer–bodycon dress!

The lace gives it structure and texture that helps hide the bumps and lumps because the fabric itself is bumpy. Notice the bonding or paneling in this dress. Much like a color blocked dress, a silhouette is immediately created by the dress. You fit to the dress, not the dress to you. The horizontal line at the waist is perfect as well.

Coral pairs perfectly with  mint and turquoise accent colors. Keep the shoe very simple. Nude shades are trending, which is perfect for this dress. It doesn’t battle the coral or the detailing.

Coral Lace

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