This was a huge trend for the New Years Eve parties, but I still see it carrying on as hit TV shows like Downtown Abbey perpetuate the styles of the roaring 20s.

Who doesn’t love a good flapper dress or a great bob?!

I picked a couple looks that will transition from office to speak easy (or a shopping trip with the girls)!

Both however, are focused around one piece: the pleated skirt. The length of these skirts will hit right above the knee, walking the fine line between work and evening wear!

You can incorporate this soft look to any outfit by picking a-line dresses and tops, scoop necks, ruffled accents, mary-jane pumps, flapper dresses or soft pink tones.

Day Look : The navy pleated skirt has another great detail from this era: the simple waist band with a sleek ribbon belt. That waist band should hit right below the hip bones and start right below the belly button. This will provide structure to the “pooch” that most women do not wish to emphasize. The pleating and the movement in the skirt counterbalances this and gives this skirt a great flow for any shape.

Pair the skirt with a navy or cream crew neck sweater. Studded and glittered collars are extremely in, so this detail brings the vintage look to modern times. Look for combination pieces that have the collar simply sewn on!

To cover the feet, pick a full coverage shoe with brogue detailing (the embroidered borders). Keep the heel low and find a shoe with laces. Finally, top it off with a signature 20’s cloche hat!

Evening Look:

Swap that sweater out for a very avant-garde top. Look for art deco inspired details in the top. For example, we chose this silk top because it not only matched the pinky-peach hue in the belt, but also because of the collar accents. This tight, high neck-line is very indicative of the times as well as the petal-pleating on the shoulders. The extra rectangular ruffles along the neckline are extremely time-stamped as well. It’s mixing structure and form with soft, luxurious fabric.

Swap out those clunkier shoes for a slender, silk heel. The ruffled accents pair nicely with the detail in the top. Keep the jewelry glamorous and in the same tones as the top and skirt. Color pops weren’t quite “in” back in that time. Again, finding pieces with grand patterns like the grey gemstone bracelet are key to completing the look!

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