A huge trend on the runway for spring 2013 was black and white. Now, many of these looks were only black and white. While they looked crisp, most of them didn’t look mommy-friendly. So, I have taken another route with this trend: patterns. You can still be apart of the fashion forward black and white trend by incorporating these hot bold patterns: stripes and polka dots.

Stripes: For a casual look, find a boy cut top with bold horizontal stripes. Of course, make sure it’s still figure-flattering and doesn’t widen your shape! Here’s a tip: watch where the white and black stripe hit on your waist. If either stripe is banded perfectly around your waist, walk away. It’s going to high light any tummy, and I mean ANY tummy! Go for a color pop like the trendy mint or a great orange and keep the shoes in a flat. I’m loving the tennis or Keds look!

For a slightly dressier look, pick a tighter top. Again, I’ve picked a peplum because it’s girly and forgiving. But, I love the limited stripes. It’s very mod yet the peplum is very 40s/50s housewife…the contrast is perfect! Keep those same color pop pants, but this time find a heel with black and white. This emphasizes the trend. I liked the strappy heel here as the pants are cropped and a little ankle is a little sexy.


Polka Dots Pants: This print is everywhere: sweaters, jeans, shorts, shoes! To stick with the black and white look we chose that color of pant. You can add a color pop…I chose pink because it is also a HUGE upcoming trend–and of course it’s Skinny Mom’s fave color! For a casual look, find a graphic t-shirt. These Gap shirts are great! Depending on the color, choose a cardigan that blends the two prints together. Here, the black works to tie the shirt and the polka dot pants together while allowing the pink to pop. Go for a fun color shoe! But, keep it flat.

You can also find a cute blouse that has a collar for a slightly dressier look. I chose a flowy top because the pant is a slim fit. The collar plays along with the mod style. Pair jewelry that matches your personality, but keep it fairly simple.

Dress the pant up with a silky, a-line top and a blazer. Keep the shoe basic. The chunky, black wedge looks best with this look. A strappy heel would compete with the other patterns.

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