Way back in winter (although, it still feels like winter here) we did a fashion forecast for mixed patterns. It was angled at mixing animal prints with softer patterns, hence the name “Wildly Feminine.” There’s one specific pattern combo that is EVERYWHERE: stripes and flowers. Some shirts come pre-mixed! There’s also plenty of body-tight dresses that play with this pattern set, like this one from Arden B (click here).

Here we have simplified the look to a basic short–because floral shorts are in every store from Target to Gap and Loft–and a striped sweater. The preppy crewneck or rugby stripes look better. They generally are wider stripes which balance out the busier floral patterns. Simply pick a color from the shorts and find a striped sweater to match the color. Neutral stripes look fabulous with the bright colors as well: black, tans, khakis.


Floral Stripes