Have any of you heard that saying, “Pink is the new black?” Well, it has been announced that Emerald is “the color” for 2013. Seriously, check it out here. Actually, black is also the “new black”…pairing it with white is a hot trend for spring. But, that’s for another Friday!

Here are some suggested styling options for the emerald color, and I can’t say that OZ snuck it’s way into my inspiration.

Emerald City

If you are into the color blocking or miss the passing trend, you can stick to primary and adjacent secondary colors. This means pick colors that are next to each other on the wheel. For example green and blue or emerald and navy, or pink and red.

For a burst of spring however, go with yellow or a dusky gold pant and an emerald top. The top pictured here is also spring-chic. It’s light weight and transparent, which allows for a slimming tank without highlighting any bumps.

Now the accessories are another great way to include the emerald trend. You can either keep it emerald on emerald or add some purples (which are complementary to the yellow) or you can combine this coral or peachy trend. If you choose to incorporate another color, make sure it is very streamlined: shoes and clutch, earrings and bracelet, or another pairing. Do not have the other color in every accessory piece!

Click here for this featured look and the pieces!

If you are going for a dress, keep these tips in mind as well. Gold is the perfect metal for this color!

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