This spring, the drop waist dress is back in style. It’s generally believed that this style circa 1920s flapper era is reserved for the boy shape or the model’s body. However, there is a way to pull off this style for most shapes. With the right fabric and the length of the drop waist dress, this style can accentuate your shape and curves perfectly! Celebrate your body the same way those flappers did. Power to us women, no matter what number our jeans say we are.

There are 3 main things to check for in a true drop waist dress:

  • The fabric
  • Where the waistline is dropped
  • The fullness/hug of the “skirt”

Here’s what you are aiming for if you have some curves:



Your curves will fill out the dress. It won’t look as “flowy” or quite as boxy if you buy a more moveable fabric. Notice the subtle texture in this pink dress. The banded look helps silhouette your figure. The lower skirt or ruffle brings some sass to the shape and elongates your waist. Click here to find the coral dress.

Color-blocked dresses are another great option to pull this look off! The dress below hits at the perfect level for any shape. Go for statement jewelry to look very runway ready. Click here to find the color-blocked dress.

Drop Waist 3

Finally, since it is spring, have FUN with this look. Go for a great color, like this yellow. Pair it with turquoise, oranges and pinks. Again, play up the jewelry. A multi-color shoe with the dress color in it is a fabulously fun way to make the dropwaist dress contemporary. These dresses are flirty, so embrace it! Click here to view the pieces.

Screen shot 2013-04-05 at 9.35.10 AM


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