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Spring time means travel time, and travel time means markets full of goodies! Who doesn’t love hitting the local streets of your exotic destination and finding unique souvenirs? Why not take this well-traveled look to your streets?! It’s all about finding a print and a texture. Check out our 5 ways to incorporate a little spice into your wardrobe!

1. African-Inspired Headbands

A great tribal pattern headband is an easy way to dress up any outfit. We found these vibrant headbands at QuellyRue’s blog. They are the “Ankara African Fabric Headbands.” Style the bowed bands with hoop earrings for urban tribal chic.

2. Bangles

You can go two different ways with the bangles: wooden or metal. The metal, especially gold, really reflects the Indian culture. Reflective, jewel tones are a staple amid the textiles of the Far East. These pictured bangles are expensive. However, most places such as Forever 21 and H&M offer bundled bangles for much cheaper, except you may have to deal with a green wrist!

3. Ikat Skirt

The Ikat print pays homage to Indonesia, as “ikat” is a fabric technique in which warp or wheft threads are tie-dyed before weaving. However, the patterns on this skirt can read Peruvian or South American. That’s the look we are going for with this skirt. Other brands such as Lucky Brand always come out with a patch work skirt around springtime in honor of this trend.

4. Recycled Bags/Messenger Bags

Eco-friendly movements hit in spring as well. There’s no easier way to go green than a recycled and reusable bag. Rather than just use the trend for groceries, carry the statement into your closet. Recycled rice bags make great, eclectic cultured messenger bags. Often times they are a mash of various bags, prints and colors. Some organizations sell these and generate profit for the third world countries in which the bags are made.  The one pictured here is from a store called Adammas Notions and costs $ 25.95.

5. Cork and Woven Wedges

Nothing quite says “vacation” like a woven sandal. We recommend going for the cork soled shoes as the wedges with rope tend to fall apart. It doesn’t matter how much they cost, they will unravel at some point.

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