Wrangler dress from Gentle Fawn, gentlefawn.com

Owning a women’s clothing boutique, I meet a lot of great people and have seen women try on countless items and debate the pros and cons of their purchases.  I also get asked a ton of questions about fashion.  Here are the most frequently asked questions I get asked in my store, along with the answers, of course.  If you’re a fashionista or have spent an endless number of hours shopping, you may already know these things.  But, given the number of times I get asked these questions, I know this list will be helpful to many readers.

1)  “What bra do I wear with this?”  This is probably the most frequently asked question I get, especially in the summer months.  With so many tops, tanks, and dresses with racer back styles or cutout backs, women often seem unsure what to wear under them.  Most women have a good strapless bra, but only like to wear them with strapless styles.  The Hollywood Fashion Secrets line sells Bra Converting clips that can make any regular bra a racer back bra.  You simply lengthen the straps on your regular bra and slide a plastic clip through the straps to pull it into a racer back position.  For those backless styles, almost all bra lines have styles that adhere to your skin with “tape like” sides.

2)  “What do I wear under white?”  White is a popular color to wear in the summer months, and people always seem to be shopping for white themed parties.  Nude undergarments should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and is the best color to wear under white.  Many women assume white is the best color to wear, but nude will blend with almost any skin tone and will appear invisible compared to any other color.

3)  “Why are these jeans so long?”  Premium denim is meant to be tailored.  Most are made with 32″, 34″, or 36″ inseams which means they are too long for 90% of women.  Buy different pairs of denim to wear with heels, flats, and boots.  When you take the jeans to get tailored, take the shoes you will wear with them so the length can be accurately measured.  Due to competition and economic pressures, premium denim has gotten much more affordable over the past 5 years so spending $10 to $20 on a good tailor is much easier to swallow than it used to be.

4)  “Why is this item on sale?”  Don’t just assume that an item is on sale because it didn’t sell well.  This is especially true at your smaller, boutique stores.  There’s no corporate bureaucracy when making price changes, so it’s easier for smaller stores to mark items down for reasons other than the item didn’t sell well.  I’ve been known to put items on sale when I’ve got too much of one color in the store, when styles won’t stay on the hangers, or when the supplier has given me a discount due to a late delivery.

Photo from www.gentlefawn.com