This week’s Fantasy Trainer Tuesday is the Ryan Challenge. Who would you rather have as your personal trainer? Ryan Gosling, best known for his incredibly romantic role as lover and friend in The Notebook? Or, Ryan Reynolds, who starred in one of my favorite movies as hardworking, witty, and definitely sexy Alaskan native in The Proposal? Both are young, both are extremely successful and charming, and both have been featured flaunting washboard abs in some of their latest movies.  Check out both Ryan’s showing off the goods:

Seriously…whose abs look like that while sitting down?! As much as I simply adore both of these men….I’d have to choose Ryan Gosling as my fantasy trainer. Reynolds may have out-buffed Gosling in his latest roles, but this man’s smirk could make me do more in the gym than any bulging bicep could. Who is your pick for Fantasy Trainer Tuesday, ladies? Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?!