If you are visiting NYC this summer you aren’t alone. The big apple will host over 50 million visitors this year! Although it boasts some of the best fine dining and nightlife experiences in the world, it is also abundant with attractions for kids!

Some people might be scared to visit such a large, bustling city with young kids, but Georgie Dimasin Weigel, mother of 2 (and a Californian turned Manhattanite) offers this sound advice, “Considering there are over 8 million residents, NYC crime rate is impressively low. I think in the world we live in now, one must always take extra precautions in any given time, place or city. I have taken my kids on the subway as late as 8pm and have always felt very safe. Common sense is key. There are always friendly faces around that will gladly help you out with directions. There are police officers stationed everywhere, especially in the touristy spots.”
In addition to the beautiful parks and playgrounds, Georgie’s kids enjoy the Museum of Math, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, and the Intrepid where kids can experience a sleep-over full of adventure! Below are a list of 10 more cool places to visit with your kids.


Central ParkOver 300 movies have been shot in this iconic park making it a favorite place for both locals and visitors. There are a variety of activities but kids will most enjoy Tisch Children’s Zoo, Belvedere Castle’s “Woods and Water Exhibit”, and the famous Central Park Carousel which has been delighting children since 1871!

Statue of LibertyThis famous statue will reopen its doors on July 4, 2013. Unfortunately Ellis Island still remains closed as crews work around the clock to repair damages sustained from Hurricane Sandy. Kids can become a Junior Ranger by downloading the activity booklet and turning it in at Liberty Island to get their badge.
The Highline Park: There are many cool things to do at Highline Park for adults and kids, but the coolest thing has to be the children’s Workyard Kit. Kids 4+ can obtain a crate of building materials including wood planks, ropes, pulleys, and gears to design their own creations!
Jane’s CarouselLocated at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the carousel is only one of the many fun activities to do here. Although some of the park is still under renovation, families can rent boats and visit the many playgrounds. Taking the ferry to the park can also be a special experience for little ones.
9/11 Tribute CenterThe Center offers resources for kids and the tours are conducted by actual 9/11 survivors. This national monument is an important part of our nation’s complex history. (photo credit here)

American Museum of Natural HistoryYou can’t visit NYC and not visit one of the world’s finest museums. It is also one of the largest with over 32 million specimens and artifacts. If you purchase the kid’s guide to the museum, your kids will be able to engage on a museum wide scavenger hunt!
Grand Central Station: Kids love trains and what better place to watch them than the big apple’s Grand Central Station! Don’t forget to visit the Whispering Gallery. Kids will be amazed at how they can hear each other whisper while standing on diagonally, opposite corners.
Brooklyn Botanical Park: Although the expanded Discovery Garden won’t be complete until 2015, children and adults will enjoy learning and exploring nature in the Fragrance Garden. There are many drop in activities for families from April to September.
South Street SeaportThere is more than just shopping and great restaurants at the seaport; you can spend the whole day touring museums and boats, bike riding, or shark speedboat riding! You can also take a tour of Little Airplane Productions, Inc. where your kids can see how Small Potatoes, The Wonder Pets and other preschool television programs are made. Another notable seaport destination is the Imagination Playground designed by famed architect David Rockwell.
Bronx Zoo: From May 25- September 8, 2013, you and your family can go on a “real” dinosaur safari! The safari consists of a 20 minute ride through a 2-acre site that simulates a trip 200 million years into the past. Some dinosaurs (guess which one?) get up to 40 feet long and 25 feet tall!  They are super realistic-looking dinosaurs with mechanical limbs, heads and tails. Take note if your little ones scare easy, these “bad boys” make a lot of noise gnashing their jaws at the sometimes unsuspecting time-travelers.

This city may never sleep, but I’m guessing that your little ones will after exploring the many exciting attractions, museums, and parks in New York City. Have fun and be safe, remember to take Georgie’s advice and stay in well populated neighborhoods, only use yellow city certified Medallion cabs, and if you are walking with kids…don’t jaywalk!