When I was little, every Friday night we would go out to dinner and then go home and watch TGIF. I used to look forward to Friday nights all week long because I knew on Friday night I got my Mom and Dad all to myself. Since both of my parents worked full-time and I went to daycare, this was a huge event! Remembering this feeling, I decided to make certain that my children had that same type of excitement and something to look forward to and depend on. This turned into a fairly consistent Family Fun Night. We play games, watch movies, play on the Xbox Kinect, and even go on Fairy Finds in a local wooded park. We play a ton of games from Hasbro, check them out here, and enjoy playing many of the family games for the Xbox Kinect, which you can see here.

But, when the weather is nice staying inside just is not an option and there                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           are so many other fun activities to do with your family outside. We have gone to a park that had a walking trail through the woods, and we made up a story about where fairies like to hide in the trees. So, we looked everywhere and even got some learning in about the different plants and animals. We looked for fairies for a good hour or so, before we realized that they are just too good at hiding and we would have to come back at another time to try and find them. We ran and searched and played in this park and laughed a ton, and this unique family fun time is one that my children still bring up. With my oldest in t-ball this summer, we have also played t-ball in our backyard quite often. This is so much fun because t-ball in a backyard with a 5 and 3 year old trying to run the bases, throw the ball, and hit the ball is hilarious and great exercise to boot!

Speaking of exercise, I also will turn on the old Xbox and pop in one of the more physical Kinect games and have my daughters play with me. This is not only fun, but one of the best workouts ever! Family game time is so important, because it gives us time to play with our kids and as busy as our lives can get, making time now is creating memories that last forever.