This week is my kids’ October Break week. That means 7 straight days without school to babysit my little monkeys. That means 7 straight days that my gym and running sessions may have to take a backseat to entertaining 4 little bodies. But that doesn’t mean that I am willing to let my body rest. Why should I? There is nothing that kids love more than running around and being active. It’s what kids’ bodies are made for!

Here are my top 5 ideas for what to do over the fall and winter breaks to keep yourself and your kiddos active and busy:

  1. Take a hike. While kids, depending on their ages, may not be able to go as long or as fast as you, they LOVE to climb. Just make sure to bring PLENTY of water and snacks and maybe even plan on doing a scavenger hunt of sorts. Print out a list of things, plants, rock shapes, animals, that they can check off when they find. That should keep them entertained and interested for the duration.
  2. Go to the zoo. Zoos are notorious for exhausting moms. With the endless walking up and down hills, there is huge potential for sore quads and hammies at the end of a long zoo afternoon! And, fall and winter weather make for a lovely, cool way to enjoy the outdoors. Again, just be prepared with lots of water and healthy food to ward off snack bar begging and empty wallets.
  3. Go for a ride. Bikes are a kid’s, and adult’s, best friend during long breaks from school. If you haven’t already, invest in a bike that you can take on leisurely rides with the family, or ride to run errands on a daily basis. Riding to the corner store will turn a boring quick trip into a calorie-burning outing.
  4. Go shopping. Yes! I said go shopping. Those old ladies in their tennies that do speed walking around the perimeter of the mall are on to something! In one shopping trip to the mall, you could get in TONS of walking and pushing a stroller or carrying kids can add a good extra “umph” to your calorie burn while getting you out of any wind, rain or snow that the colder months may bring in. Just keep up the pace and steer clear of the soft pretzels and pizza!
  5. Go to the park…a kid’s heaven. Playgrounds can be as much fun for an adult as they are for a kid if you use your imagination. While your kids play, run laps around the perimeter, do hangs or pull-ups on the monkey bars, do step-ups on the stairs, and do lunges through the sand. There are an ENDLESS number of exercise ideas that will kick your tail at a playground.

School breaks do not have to be a time-out for a mom. Grab your kids and enjoy the time together while teaching them the importance of being fit and healthy!