The weather is officially colder! This means the rain, snow and slush is closing in on us! In light of Thanksgiving approaching, here are three great activities and outings that are weather-proof and family-approved!

Pottery Studios: This activity can also double as a gift for grandma, grandpa or a favorite aunt or uncle who is coming for the holidays! Check out your local pottery studios for classes! The relative cost is $8 for adults and $6 for kids (age 12 and under). The initial costs are for studio time, painting, glazing and firing. The additional cost is for the piece you choose to paint. Adults can work on party platters and vases that match the home decor, while kids go crazy with piggy banks!

kids painting pottery

Photo Credit: Potter Around

Bowling: This is a holiday classic. Arcades, cheese fries and a little competition make this such an ideal family environment! On average, bowling games cost around $4 per person per game. Shoe rentals are an additional $2. If you are debating on paying for the lane or per game, type in your alley’s info at to compare! Don’t forget your socks!

If you are stuck at home, get the kids together to make your own alley! Check out these awesome links for creative homemade pins and bowling balls: Modern Mama Homemade Bowling Set, LiveStrong Kids’ Bowling Games, or Ghost Bowling Game (change this appropriately for Thanksgiving) by HGTV.

Plastic Bottle Bowling Game

Photo Credit: Meet the Dubiens

Indoor Mini-Golf and Glow in the Dark Courses: Glow Putt, Monster Mini Golf and many other miniature golf courses are taking this family fun indoors. However, they have also added a new spin: GLOW IN THE DARK obstacles! Kids of all ages have a blast with these courses. From tropical themes to monster mashes, the decor is enough to entertain the younger kids. For the older teens and tweens, it’s some friendly competition! It costs you about $10 for adults per game and around $6 for kids, generally around 8 and under.

glow in the dark mini golf

Photo Credit: Putting Edge

For more ideas, check out this list of 10 things to keep kids busy when the family is stuck inside, or go outside and enjoy the snow using a few of these outdoor snow day activities.