Most women would agree that jewelry is more than just a dash of color or an addition of sparkle. In fact, many pieces serve more as a statement about each woman’s personal style; romantic, daring, flashy or conservative. With fall aiming to shed its leaves on our doorsteps any day now, having a few great statement pieces for the coming season is essential. Skinnymom is here to help you sort through this season’s top picks and find the trend that best speaks to your personality.

Go soft…This fall, soft and romantic colors are all the rage. Shades of cream, beige, soft rose and even light shades of gold are popping up on runways everywhere. Use key pieces like necklaces and earrings to soften up the heavy shades and fabrics that accompany a fall wardrobe.


Go vintage…If vintage is your thing, then fall is certainly going to be your season! Along with softer shades, this season’s jewelry is all about vintage class and beauty. While unique, chunky pieces are always on trend, this season pays homage to cameos, crystals and diamonds. Pair with a fall dress for an instant dash of panache.

Go Tribal… Tribal designs are huge this season, and we must admit are the perfect compliment to the warm colors of fall fashion. From burnished gold and silver jewelry to beaded and wooden tribal designs embellished with deep shades of green, orange and blue, these looks will have you feeling like you’ve died and gone to tribal heaven.

Give your diamonds some color…They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they never said a girl had to limit herself to only one shade of bling! This season, a classic accessory is making headway in a variety of shades. From chocolate diamonds to green and blue diamonds, you can stay faithful to an old favorite while embarking on a brave, bold new look.


Jewel tones are key… Jewelry is usually about the shape and size, but this season color makes a statement all its own. Look for rings, earring and necklaces in shades of yellow, deep purple and emerald. Many pieces this season contain a mixture of a jewel tones to create a look that is truly unique and definitely eye catching.

So while you’re hitting the malls desperately trying to complete your fall wardrobe before the first chill is upon us, don’t forget to grab some jewelry as well. While we’re sure that you’ll look great in everything you wear, we’re betting you’ll knock em’ dead by adding a few of these key pieces.