I love fall!  Pumpkin spice lattes, crisp cool air, sweet potato pie, hearty soups, and AMAZING fashion.  Every year there’s always a “new” trend to follow, but there’s also the classics that will never stear you wrong.   Adding a few of these essentials to your warddrobe will keep you in fashion for years to come:

1. Blue Jean Jacket – not only does this trend seem to make a HUGE return every five or so years, but it’s also extremely functional.  With the cool fall air you need an extra layer, but aren’t yet in need of the thick pea coat.

2. Basic black and brown leggings –  Leggings made their big return from the early 90s a few years ago, and aren’t showing any signs of disappearing anytime soon.  Leggings can go casual, chic, or dressy!  Pair them with a tunic, sweatshirt, heels, flats, tennis shoes, whatever your fashion heart is desiring that day.

3. Scarves – I have a new found obsession with scarves.  While they’ve always been practical, their fashionista debut has made a HUGE come back the last couple of years.  Shoot for scarves that have bold patterns, and a light fabric.  Since scarves are now found in every season the lighter the fabric the more wear you will get out of them! Not sure how to wear your scarf? No worries, click here!

4. Leather Gloves – these almost NEVER go out of style.  Again they offer a chicness as well as maintaining their practicality.

5. Red High Heels – okay, so maybe this is just my opinion, but Dorothy started the trend and it has yet to be locked into the fashion vault!  Is there anything more sexy that your little black dress paired with a red heel!?  And this year fall trends seem to be pointing towards reds.  (Learn more about the red fall trend )

Now that you know the classics, go ahead and learn this season’s hottest trends!

Photo Credit: Polyvore