As much as I LOVE summer, the thought of chunky sweaters, leggings and boots are weighing heavily on my mind! Seriously, if I buy one more pair of boots I think my husband will divorce me on grounds of insanity. But, whatever, a new season is upon us and I am super EXCITED to dust off my boots. I honestly only have three pairs of boots. I’d much rather have quality over quantity.  My most prized possession are my Fiorentini & Baker’s…it was love at first sight. These boots are amaze balls…they go with EVERYTHING! Since my birthday is on Christmas, I justified this purchase as being my Christmas and birthday present.

My second favorites are my Frye Veronica Slouch Boots!!! They are so cool; picture biker chick- classy. I love pairing them with skirts and dresses. I wear them straight from fall to spring. I also LOVE the distressed vintage leather, it adds so much character. I love this picture because it shows different ways to rock them!

Lastly,I have my Michael Kors over-the-knee boots. These aren’t your typical mommy boots! These are hot and sexy, and sometimes that’s how moms need to feel. I must admit though that I feel a little awkward at times when I wear these. As fabulous as they are, I’m never really totally comfortable in them. It’s kind of like when you see someone and think, I wish I could pull that off, it’s just my self doubt whispering in my ear. A couple of glasses of wine and that whisper disappears 😉

Nothing completes an outfit better than a fabulous pair of boots!!! So even though it is tough to say good bye to summer….just think of the fabulous fall looks that are ahead of us.