This weekend is a really big one for me. We are moving into our new house. This summer has been one of preparation from closing on our new home to packing up our old home. If anyone has ever packed up almost 10 years worth of things, you know its not any easy task. There is the dilemma of keep this, throw that out. Moving also forces you to walk down memory lane as you come across items that stir up nostalgia. Here’s a short list of some of the things that I found that really made me sit and daydream as I realized how quickly time goes by and how thankful I am to have all of the wonderful memories.

  • Pictures of when my husband I first started dating
  • The ticket to the 1st broadway show that we saw together
  • Birthday and anniversary cards received over the years
  • Old phones, electronics
  • Our infamous punch bowl from our New Years eve party circa 2007
  • Old Halloween costumes
  • Handbags that I couldn’t find
  • My son’s baby bracelet from the hospital when he was born and his baby blanket
  • A lock of hair from his 1st haircut
  • His 1st lost tooth (will have to hide, we still believe in the tooth fairy 😉
  • My son’s 1st little league baseball trophy
  • The piece of wood that my son broke in half getting his karate belt
  • My son’s artwork
  • All of my race bibs (42 total)
  • All of my race medals

This is truly a short list, because I could go on for days about what I found and the memories! Now on with the new, its nice to reflect back but we are excited to start the new chapter in our lives in our new home.