Drop 30 pounds in 30 days? Fix a broken metabolism? Fast, easy weight loss that anyone can do? Does this sound too good to be true? In a nation where so many people are overweight, these claims are thrown around all the time. At best, most of these super quick weight loss diets are fads that simply do no work, however, some of these could be dangerous. And after seeing a couple of different posts on some social networking sites, I wanted to talk more about the hCG diet. So, I did some research and found a credible article involving the health risks and inaccuracy of this fad diet. According to an article about this diet on WebMD.com this hormone, that is found in pregnant women, has been found in clinical trials to have little to no affect on weight loss and is nearly impossible to stick with. Sounds like many of the other diets d’jour out there today, right?

Let’s be honest, a diet that starts with the hormone found in pregnant women’s urine that must be injected or dropped under the tongue does not start off the best. But then to add that one can only have 500 Calories a day and those must be from raw, organic foods? This sounds more and more complex… now figure in that it is basically impossible to meet the base dietary needs in only 500 Calories and we enter the danger zone. And since the body requires between 1200-1500 Calories a day just to function or it can go into starvation mode and actually burn muscle mass as well as fat. So, despite what those on Facebook, Twitter, and late night infomercials may claim, this diet is one to steer clear of. It is fairly easy to stay around 1500 Calories a day and still eat delicious foods that give you the energy to work out… no injections required!