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As an avid runner, the worst thing that can happen is an injury. If you are part of a running community, blogs, or have friends who run, you are hearing about everyone else’s training and long runs and you can’t help but become jealous. You want to complete your workout feeling strong and accomplished. But sometimes you need to analyze your injury a little more in depth to have the best outcome.

I have this ache in my knee that starts to hurt when I have a long-distance run; usually between  5-8 miles. My knee is warmed up around mile 3 and I start to feel really good. There is a little bit of pain. The pain doesn’t really start until a few hours after I am done. It becomes sore and tight. Then it is hard to get in my workout for the rest of the week.

I am keeping my mileage low and incorporating cross training. I’ve also realized it is very important to stretch before and after a run. I was only stretching for a minute or two after running. I enjoy lifting weights but wasn’t doing it as often as I should have. Lifting weights can be beneficial in actually preventing injuries. If you take care of yourself right, you will be able to join others sooner than you think.

Make sure to:

  • Seek a physician’s advice for the best course of treatment. He/she may be able to recommend certain exercises or tools to help you heal faster.
  • If possible, incorporate weight-training and yoga into your exercise regimen. Yoga has helped me stay strong, flexible and stress-free.
  • Talk to someone who has been in the same situation. They most likely will give you some great advice on how to move forward. It might seem like the worst thing that has happened to you; always try to stay positive!