During my 2nd trimester of pregnancy, I did light workouts with weights. I focused on compound exercises (most bang for your buck) and some of these I pretended I was holding a baby.   Now that I have 2 babies to entertain, why not get a workout in while playing?

The following are some exercises that are great for the core and give you a total body workout while bonding with your little one.  If your baby is too heavy for these exercises, then use your home dumbbells for the same effect.   Start off with one set of each exercise 4 to 5 times a week. As you get stronger, you can add more sets per exercise.

Baby-Bouncer Squat.  Stand with your feet wider that shoulder width, toes pointed out.  Clutch your baby against your chest, drawing your abs away from her body (belly to spine), and bend your knees deeply.  Hold for a count of 3, then straighten your legs (don’t lock the knees).  Do 10 reps.  As you get stronger, add 3 gentle bounces at the bottom of each squat.

Tot Twister.  Stand with your feet wider that shoulder width, toes pointed out. Keeping knees still, twist right to left, with stomach muscles lifted and tight, for rep 1. Start with 10 reps and build to 20.

Baby Lifter.  With feet wider than shoulder width and toes forward, hold your baby at arm’s distance in front of you (elbows bent).  Bend knees, stick out your tush, and lift baby till her feet are at the level of your nose.  Keep tummy tight and chest lifted. Hold for a count of 3, then stand (don’t lock knees), bringing baby to starting position.  Do 5 reps and work up to 10.

Good luck with your training!