Okay, so first off, full disclosure: I tend to be a bit hippy-dippy. I love the all natural stuff, I recycle every single thing that a person can recycle and what can’t be recycled, I use until there’s no other choice but throw it away. The point is that I seriously dig any natural products. However, when it comes to sweaty pits, I draw the line. I will use any form of chemical known to man in order to stay dry and springtime fresh in the under-arm area, so when we had the chance to review an all natural product I was a teeny bit skeptical.

I was blown away. Essensia Naturals deodorant is so great. It smells great, it feels totally normal going on and it really does keep you sweat-free and sniffably fresh all day! I admit I was expecting a sticky, tacky kind of goop from the product itself, but it was exactly the same going on as every other major brand on the market.

The smell was nice, light and citrusy which I loved because sometimes the powder scents of other deodorants is overwhelming. I like wearing light perfumes, and it’s annoying when my deodorant overpowers them. Essensia Naturals deodorant has a naturally subtle but fresh scent that faded nicely into the background of my favorite perfumes.