10 minutes in. 10 minutes into my DVD workout I realize that yes, this is what I need. 10 minutes into the workout is when I feel the endorphins of exercise take over my stressed body.  It is at that moment I feel happy I made myself do the workout. Most days I want to be lazy and not take 30-50 minutes to exercise and get fit each day.  I usually drag my feet until the last minute. I find something else I NEED to do like check Facebook or Skinny Mom. I will even start to clean bathrooms just to procrastinate starting a workout. Of course, at that 10 minute mark I am thankful and happy I made the effort.

Endorphins are the body’s natural feel good chemicals.  When they are released through exercise, your mood is boosted naturally. As well as endorphins, exercise also releases adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. These chemicals work together to make you feel good. I recently took a bike ride for exercise.  When I reached a dreaded hill, I decided to go for it and pedal through it. Half way up that hill the exercise endorphins kicked in and it was fabulous. I was feeling extra stressed that day and in that 30 seconds up that hill I felt the stress poor away. It was amazing.

My question to myself is why I fight my workouts when I know I will get that happy endorphin rush 10 minutes into the process. Why?  Why fight a good thing?? It really doesn’t make sense to me. My husband works out at the gym and puts 1000 miles on his bike pedometer every summer. He seems to thrive on the rush of endorphins. He craves the exercise and makes the time for it. He eats right and it shows. Can I say I am jealous of hubby’s flat abs?? Can I really be jealous of a man who didn’t give birth to three children? Of course he can have flat abs- he is a man.  A man who escaped a beer belly.  A man who works for his trim torso.

My goal for this week is to remember 10 minutes in. I promise to remember the endorphin rush I get after I make the effort to workout.  It will benefit me. It will help this busy mom relieve some stress and feel good about myself. Who doesn’t want to feel good, right?