As the end of summer approaches it’s easy to become lax in our fitness routines and eating habits. Bathing suit season is coming to an end, and sweater season is fast approaching. Keeping that lower belly pooch in check starts to take a back burner to all of the other things we have on our daily plates.

Although it’s tempting to sleep in instead of working out, or to relax at the end of the day instead of hitting the gym, losing your fitness focus at the end of summer will only undo all the hard work you’ve put in and will make next spring that much harder. Not to mention all the upcoming holiday events and cocktail parties that you will be wanting to look your best at.

With inspiration to stay fit so far in the future, how can you stay fitness focused now as summer comes to an end?


Set a Goal: Set a goal weight and stick to it. If you’re happy with the weight you’re at now, set a goal to stay within 5 pounds of your current weight, and no more. If you are still looking to lose a few pounds, set a goal weight for yourself and make a plan to get there.


Weigh Yourself Regularly: Whether it’s daily, every other day, or weekly, tracking your weight will help you keep to your set goals. Watch for patterns and trends. For example, if you go to a lot of social events in a two week period and start to see the number on the scale creep up, then working on better food choices when out and about may be something to focus on.


Set a Time and a Place to Workout: People who set a time and place to do something are twice as likely to actually do that something than their counterparts, who just plan to do it. If you want to workout in the morning, set the exact time you’ll get up to make that happen and where you’ll do it. Whether it’s your home gym, living room or a fitness center.


Have Others Hold You Accountable: Tell your goal to stay fit to someone who you know will hold you accountable for the goals you’ve set for yourself. Check in with them regularly. There’s probably something they’re trying to work on also in their life. Make it a win-win situation by holding them accountable to their goals as well!


Take a Picture of Yourself Now: You’ve worked hard all summer to look great on the beach. Take a picture of yourself now and use that as your inspiration for staying on track with the goals you’ve set for yourself. All your hard work got you here, and consistency in your fitness routine and good eating habits will keep you here!

Sweater season may be on its way back, but your muffin top doesn’t have to be!