Do you ever wonder why you feel like your face is on fire when you’re angry or why you feel that sinking in the pit of your stomach when you’re disgusted or sad? We found an article on that will help you understand your wide range of emotions and why you feel them where you do throughout your body. Pretty cool, huh?


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Nerves make your stomach churn; embarrassment brings a glow to your cheeks. Emotions clearly have a direct physiological effect on our bodies, and now a team of Finnish researchers has analyzed exactly how—and represented them in this visualization.

To construct the maps, the researchers showed 773 participants different words, stories, movies, and expressions, and had them highlight on a human silhouette the areas of the body in which they felt decreasing or increasing activity. More activity sees the color change from black to red to yellow, while decreasing activity is represented by an increasingly bright shade of blue. To read the rest of this story, click here.