Here we are – the top of the week once again greets us.

Monday often brings the reminder of what we have to accomplish. We tend to open our calendars (or turn on our iphones) and stew over how and when we will complete the tasks in store this week. We then fret about how we will find time for our fitness and wellness in the midst of our packed schedules. Sound familiar?

Maybe you are not training for that half-marathon you wanted to complete. Maybe you have not yet tackled that 100 push-up challenge you vowed to embrace this month. Maybe, just maybe, there is a fitness or wellness goal left unattained and you keep beating yourself up over the accomplishment left waiting for you to cross of your bucket list.

I often find this feeling can become more overwhelming in the heart of the holiday season. When October approaches, along comes an uninterrupted series of events and preparations. Often goals other than feeding the family and getting at least one shot of the kids with a pumpkin before the month is over fall by the wayside.

This is the time that we need to remind ourselves of what we have achieved, rather than stew over what is left undone. It is a good time to take the opportunity to be proud of what we have accomplished in the past.

Take a moment and reflect on your achievements. Did you satisfy a weight loss goal in the past? Did you excel in a sport in college? Do you remember the first time you worked out post-baby?!? That’s an achievement!

For today, try to focus on the path that has led you where you are today. Embrace past achievements rather than dwell on goals not yet reached. This doesn’t mean that these goals are no longer on your to-do list – but for today, relish in what you have achieved. And be proud.

After all, what is the point in achieving goals if we don’t take the time to celebrate them?

Celebrate yourself.  How will you do this today?