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There are a few fortunate individuals with ‘wash and go’ hair. They can wash it, let it dry, do nothing more, and walk out of their houses looking as though they just came from the salon. The majority of us, however, require a bit more work in order for our hair to look presentable. Often times we struggle with dry, frizzy hair that is time consuming and difficult to manage. Learning to work with our hair and embrace styles that work well with frizzy hair can make styling hair easier and faster.

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Learning to embrace our frizzy hair is as simple as two steps. First, see the positive features of your hair. Frizzy hair often has more texture and is thicker, making it easy to style in ways straight hair won’t hold. We don’t need to worry about flat, lifeless hair! Finding even just two to three features about our hair that we love help us embrace the frizz.

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Next we need to understand why our hair is frizzy. The most common reasons are the weather or having naturally dry/curly hair. Finding a good conditioner and hair mask will lay the foundation for easy styling. Ensuring our hair is hydrated will keep it looking and feeling its best. We also need to find hairstyles that look good when slightly messy. Don’t fight the frizz, work with it by selecting the right hairstyle. A hairstyle like beach waves or long layers work well with our hair’s natural tendency to frizz up. The hair style should be loose — no tight pony tails! Finding the right product when styling frizzy hair is just as important as a good hair mask. Products like sea salt sprays that tend to add volume and texture while still keeping hair soft and flexible are the best options. These are also easy to use throughout the day as needed.

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Frizzy hair doesn’t need to result in spending hours with a straightener or avoiding the beach in fear that getting it wet will just result in more work. Taking care of your hair and finding the right hairstyle can do wonders in making frizzy hair look amazing.