REAL Fit Mama Embracing her natural style

I’ve got curls. They used to be pretty fabulous-ringlet-type after I learned how to actually use product correctly-type curls. Then, I had my oldest daughter, ran a flat-iron over it, bleached it way too many times (I worked in a salon, you’d do it too!), and didn’t cut it enough because I was in a constant state of “growing it out”. My poor curls, after continuing that pattern for far to long and getting pregnant with baby 2, just weren’t quite the same. While I’ve still been damaging them and had baby 3, I’ve lost the gorgeous curls that I never fully appreciated until they were gone, so I had to accept my new curl-style… but had to find it first!

While I adore where we live in the Midwest, the weather is killer for my hair. I can go from the perfect blow-out and flat-iron job, and step outside and the humidity puts me into afro-tastic status… which some people can pull off like a CHAMP! Me? Not. So. Much.

Spring, summer, and fall are wonderful for a curly haired mama like myself. Now though, it’s much more wavy and I’ve discovered on my journey to growing out my hair that the following can be possibly considered a curly haired girl’s BFF.


My stylist most recently asked me if she minded if she put in layers, I was hesitant at first of course because well, I want long hair dang it, the word “cut” is much scarier to a woman then “trim” let’s be honest. Needless to say, my stylist is amazing and knew exactly what my hair needed to look it’s best!

NOT shampooing your hair more than 2x a week w/ shampoo:

Sounds gross. I know It sounded disgusting to me but I gave it a go. After your first shampoo of the week, only use conditioner! Curly hair needs all the moisture it can get to stay as frizz-free as possible!


Don’t scrub you hair dry with a towel! Only press the towel on your hair to soak up most of the water, then use a cotton t-shirt to dry and scrunch your hair prior to and after if needed applying your product.

AVOID that blow dryer:

It’s HOT out HERE! Let those beautiful tendrils get a break from the HEAT and let them air-dry and touch them as little as possible, minus the needed *scrunch* here and there ; )

These may sound simple, and that’s the best part. These quick tips have helped this REAL fit mama learn to Tame that Mane and EMBRACE MESSY HAIR! None of these take up any extra time either! Actually on days you aren’t shampoo-ing, it’s actually SAVING you time, and every mama deserves some extra time!