I just started the Elf on the Shelf tradition with Easton this year, and he LOVES it!  You’ll never believe what he calls his elf…Balls!!  Kids say the funniest things!  I’m sure a lot of you have heard of this super fun and interactive tradition and are also doing this at your home this Holiday.  For those of you who haven’t, or are new to the game, here is the breakdown.

Elf on the Shelf is a children’s picture book that comes in a keepsake box featuring the book and a scout Elf.  The gist of it is that once you name your elf, his Christmas magic will allow him to fly back to the North Pole at night to report to Santa who is naughty and nice, after he has watched over your family all day.  Each morning the elf comes back to your house before you wake and he will be in a new hiding place. This is an ongoing hide and seek game up until Christmas.  The only rule of the game is that you cannot touch your elf or he will lose his special Christmas magic, then he won’t be able to report back to the Big Guy in the North Pole. It is super fun for the kids to find their elf every morning, and the “no touching” rule helps the kids believe in his magic!

Easton is having a blast with his buddy Balls, but I am running out of ideas to hide the little guy!  So, I decided to put my thinking cap on and come up with some clever and fun hiding places for Elf on the Shelf – some are cute, some are mischievous, but all are more engaging ways to hide the elf instead of having him peek out of the tree every other day.


1.  Elf hanging a baby stocking for his stocking on the mantel with the rest of the family’s stockings
2.  Elf under the mistletoe with Barbie
3.  Elf crawling into bag of chocolate kisses
4.  Elf makes an igloo out of sugar cubes
5.  Elf spills sugar or flour on kitchen counter top to do snow angels
6.  Elf wears Christmas tree skirt
7.  Elf by radio/cd player/headphones listening to Christmas music
8.  Elf sitting on top pillow watching Christmas specials in front of tv or recording specials
9.  Elf decorating a chair/pillow/object/etc with tinsel
10.  Elf unwrapping presents under the tree….undo the ribbon or rip part of the package
11.  Elf sneaking cookies
12.  Elf playing on/near gingerbread house
13.  Elf rides reindeer decoration
14.  Elf ice skating on ice cubes/ice cube tray
15.  Elf painting Christmas window display on window with lipstick
16.  Elf building small snowman out of cotton balls
17. Elf gets into glitter/fairy dust
18.  Elf putting lumps of coal in everyone ones stocking….Elf coal could be raisins or Oreo crumbles
19.  Elf hot-tub in sink (use marshmallows for bubbles in a bowl)
20.  Elf creates winter wonderland in bathroom out of shaving cream
21.  Elf candy cane sword fighting with other elf or toy
22.  Elf reading a Christmas story in bed
23.  Elf tangled up in Christmas lights
24.  Elf roasting s’mores in fireplace
25.  Elf in fridge with egg nog

Please share your Elf on the Shelf hiding places and pictures!  Happy Hiding!