If your kids are already receiving a basket full of sugary sweets, and perhaps a small gift too, why hide even more in those plastic eggs? Rather than stuffing those eggs with sweets, that will eventually be stuffed into your kiddos’ gullets, switch out the candies for coupons. Come up with great, active ideas. Make sure these coupons are realistic…never good to make promises you can’t keep. However, DO pick ones that even stretch your comfort zone as they will make you accountable for your actions as well! Here are 10 coupon ideas:

  1. 30 Minutes Outside, NO homework talk allowed
  2. Stay up 30 minutes past bedtime
  3. Make living room into a tent for 1 night
  4. 2 hrs of guaranteed TV time–watching what YOU want to watch
  5. Trade your favorite candy for a Prize
  6. Dinner at or from your FAVORITE restaurant
  7. 1.5 hours of undisturbed gaming
  8. MOVIE NIGHT: 1 movie of your choice, 1 friend, 1 bag of popcorn + soda/1 sweet
  9. Get out of Jail Free card: 1 excuse from forgotten/neglected chores
  10. NIGHT OUT: Where do you want to go tonight? My car is your carpet.

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