Just because Earth month is technically over doesn’t mean you should give up your green practices. Trust me, when you realize just how long things decompose in a landfill and just how much we throw away…you will be staring at your Q-tip wondering just how many other Q-tips are rotting around the world. So, take little measures and invest in green energy across the board. One great way to support the eco-movement is to limit the amount of personal items you are buying. But, some of us (I am so guilty of this) are simply addicted to our beauty regimen. Whether it is mascara or facial cream, we have to do it because it makes us feel like…well, us. Here are some great beauty tools that are earth friendly:

1. Schick Intuition Naturals: First of all, their packaging is 100% recyclable and made with non-toxic ink. The actual product is also all natural: aloe and Vitamin-E.

2. Eco Tools 5 Piece Flawless Face Set: Only $14.99 for 5 high quality brushes made of sleek bamboo, recycled aluminum and incredibly soft bristles. They are 100% cruelty-free. Click here for more information.

3. Tarte Cosmetics: The entire line of Tarte is made from recyclable material or post consumer recyclable materials. But, the real key to the line is the quality. Although a little pricier, these all natural lip sticks, fragrances and skincare products will have you feeling good inside and out. Click here for more information.

4. Sephora’s Express Cleansing Wipes: These pre-moistened wipes are ready for travel and they are biodegradable. Safe for your face, lips, eyes and the environment. Plus, they are only $9 a pack and just as effective as the pricier labels! Click here to learn more.

5. Empty Bottle Recycling Initiatives: Both MAC and Origins Cosmetics have started a recycling program designated for your old makeup/product bottles. According to Cosmo’s research, consumer product packaging accounts for approximately one third of all land fill waste per day. Solution: recycle your bottles! Return to Origins Recycling program accepts any brand of cosmetic packaging. Their bins can be found at more than 450 retailers and department stores nationwide. Click here to learn more. MAC’s “Back to MAC Program” allows you to trade six empty MAC product containers for a free lipstick of your choice! Click here to learn more.