Don’t sweat it. It’s definitely possible to go hard at the gym and still have a nice hairstyle at the end. There are plenty of ways to wear your hair that will stay put and don’t involve a myriad of clips and headbands. Don’t let a blow out deter you from doing cardio! (note to self). Try these styles that will keep you looking fabulous at the gym and beyond.

Messy Bun


1. First, part the hair down the middle and brush it back to a low position.

2. Then with one hand, hold the hair in place at the back of the head. With the other hand twist the pony-tail and then wrap into a bun.

3. At the nape of the neck use a Scunci Jumbo Snap Hair Clip to secure the bun into place (similar to how you would with a jaw clip). And voila! You have the perfect messy yet stylish bun!

Loose Braid Pony Tail

1. Slick hair back into a low ponytail

2. Braid hair loosely

3. Spray lightly with hair spray to keep braid intact

High Sock Bun

1. Cut the toe off a sock and roll it into a donut-like shape. Slip it around your  hair.

2. Tuck the ends of your hair under the fabric so it stays put.

3. As if you were rolling your sleeves, roll your hair and the sock together down your ponytail.

4. Tuck in any stray hairs, then spritz on some hair spray to help hold the style and tame flyaways.



I love just pulling my hair back in a ponytail then adding a headband. My favorites are Sweaty Bands, Violet Love and Lululemon. There are so many styles and textures; it adds instant glam to your workout attire and keeps your hair out of your face.

Here are some great tips from FitSugar (full article here) for looking chic at the gym!!

  • Choose the right accessories: FitSugar suggests really thinking about the kinds of headbands you are packing for the gym. Nothing is more annoying than constatnly pulling up a falling headband. Look for a nonslip headband such as the $12 Lululemon Slipless headband here. It has an inner silicon grip band to keep the hair in place. FitSugar also recommends no-tug hair ties. These are wraps rather than rubber bands; therefore, they don’t leave the breaks in your hair, post-workout.
  • Add oil: While these salon treatments are pricey, they will help keep your hair smooth under the pressure of a workout. FitSugar suggests adding a quarter-sized drop of Morrocan oil to your hair before you put it up. The heat from the workout acts like the dryer at a salon! But, rather than sitting around reading old tabloids you are getting in your workout instead! Simply wash it out at the end of your workout.
  • Pack a dry shampoo: According to FitSugar, “Mineral clay helps absorb the oil and prevent that greasy feeling sweat can cause.” Before you style your hair again, apply the dry shampoo and it will extend the look!


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