fruit ice tray
This little gem and delish treat serves so many practical functions for my family since the weather has heated up (Not, complaining one bit!) and I’m positive it will for you too! These bad boys of simplicity are one of my children’s favorite things to munch on when it heats up outside, and the options are neverending!

While I don’t do much in the prepping portion of my cooking currently (working on making some habits to change that!), I do with these!

{Please bare with me, I don’t keep track of fancy cooking lingo, I pretty much provide instructions as they go on in my head as if I would be preparing}

NEED: Ice cube trays, water, fruit and lemon juice (optional).

Grab that ice cube tray, toss some fresh fruit in there, fill almost full with water. Leave in the fridge til frozen! The tray in the photo holds strawberry, strawberry/kiwi, kiwi, watermelon, watermelon/strawberry.

The above set is what I usually do. My kids are constantly outside when it’s nice out, and this is a great way to keep them hydrated, and they of course LOVE the fruit in there! Yes, the ice cube will melt down their arms as they suck on this ice cube of deliciousness. But come on, it’s hot outside and just another excuse to spray em off with the hose… or start a water balloon fight… or just grab a wet wipe.

Those endless options are as follows:

Lemon Juice! add some lemon juice to each tray for some extra flavor.

 Fruit combinations! today’s included blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, mango, strawberries, and all combos in between!

Popsicles! My 5 y/o suggested putting toothpicks in these. I think maybe half popsicle sticks are a better idea.

Toss in your Water! This was my initial reason for making these… to help encourage them to drink more water. The lemon juice added to the ice cubes is great when you are going to add to your water.

Use when you make smoothies! Omgoodness this is the best thing ever! Put in a tray of your fruit and ice, add some greek yogurt, OJ, protein powder, and BOOM! Smoothie is READYYYYYYY.

PreMIX everything and freeze! Blend ALL your ingredients together and then poor into your ice cube trays and freeze. I’d definitely use the popsicle sticks with this method!

While I am DEFINITELY a fan of frozen fruit in general, this is just one more step. Besides, these little guys are easy and fun for kids to help MAKE, and EAT!