My 4AM high intensity, calorie melting workouts get me energized and inspire me to make healthy choices throughout the day. The first week of waking up at 4AM was tough, but I have grown to love my early morning workouts. Studies show that morning workouts kickstart your metabolism, rev up your mental acuity for the day, and with a regular wake up and workout time, may help to set your circadian rhythms (meaning better sleep). I have found all these to be true for myself. If you need inspiration to get out of bed earlier to fit a workout in, consider that you’re far less likely to find an excuse to not workout in the morning (meaning more consistency in your fitness routine), and morning workouts allow for better focus than evening workouts, which is a key component of a good calorie burning session.

If you think running is the only way to get a 600-800 calorie burn in a 45-minute workout, think again. Keeping your heart rate up with high intensity moves is the key to killing those calories, and amping up your fitness routine and your mornings is as easy as trying these 5 Morning Calorie-Torching Workouts!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): HIIT is by far my favorite go-to workout style. It is all about pushing yourself to the limits for short bursts, followed by a short recovery, over and over. HIIT can be a surprisingly fun way to blast 700 calories per 45 minute workout as the possibilities for heart pumping moves are endless, from jumping on and off benches, to kettlebell swings and traditional treadmill sprints. Need a routine to get you started? No problem! Check out HIIT: 10 Minute Fat Blaster Routine!


CrossFit: CrossFit is designed to give you maximum results with minimum time needed. Workouts are generally 30 minutes or less and combine cardio, plyometrics, and weight lifting (think Olympic weight lifting). CrossFit can be done at a certified facility or can be easily transitioned to home use as well. Check out to find a trainer in your area, learn at-home exercises and discover more about this up and coming fitness trend.


Spin Class: If you prefer to workout at the gym in the morning, Spin classes are a great choice to get the high calorie burn that interval training provides in a full body workout. Check out to learn more and to find a gym that offers Spin classes near you.


Kickboxing: Kickboxing is hands down the Queen of Calorie Burn among traditional fitness classes for both gym and at-home workouts. An hour long kickboxing routine promises to burn up to 800 calories. This full body workout targets your butt, thighs, abs, arms and shoulders and can be done at home with limited equipment. Visit FitnessBlender and check out their Cardio Kickboxing Workout. If your gym offers various kickboxing classes like piloxing or body combat, read Be A Knock Out With Boxing: Finding Your Style to find out what style is best for you!


Hula-Hooping: Yup, that childhood favorite is back for adults via a calorie burning, ab sculpting routine! Celebs like Beyonce have taken up hooping as a new fitness favorite, and at 300 calories per class with a focus on your core, it’s easy to see why! Visit Hoopnotica to find out more, and check out’s Hoop Workout.


Whether you prefer the gym or an at-home workout, there is always a calorie torching fitness routine for you to kickstart and energize your day!