Okay, so you ‘ve tried nearly every diet on the market and they all wind up either being too difficult to follow, require too much prep or by 3:00 pm, you’re starving and making a beeline for the nearest cookie. Well according to Dr. Brian Weiner, creator of The Ice Diet, all you really need to do is add a little ice to your daily meal plan.

You read correctly, according to Weiner, ice could actually help you lose weight. In an article with the Toronto Sun, Weiner claimed that by mixing up a few DIY slushy’s throughout the day and incorporating them into your daily diet, your body will actually burn calories without any additional effort on your part. “Basically, the more you eat, the more you lose,” says Weiner. “When ingesting clinically significant amounts of ice, the body must burn energy to warm the ice to body temperature. The ingestion of ice would also provide some level of satiety.”


Photo Credit: Comfy Belly

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