Regardless of your personal body shape or size, you always want to look your best and feel sexy.  You always want to play up your smallest area or your best features.  Choosing the right dress for those special occasions can be difficult, but there are few key things you can look for to ensure the most flattering look!

Busty: Choose something with an empire waistline to make the bottom half of your body look more flattering.  Sometimes women with a larger bust want to cover up any cleavage they might have.  However, choosing a higher neckline will have the opposite effect and make your bust line appear even larger.  Also, go for a dress with wider straps to give you extra support.

Petite: Especially for petite, make sure you take a pair of heels with you while shopping.   You should always wear heels to appear taller, but wearing them while trying on dresses will ensure you don’t choose something too long.  Wearing a dress that is too long, will make you appear even shorter then you are. Select something with a fun print to elongate your body!

Pear Shape: You will want to choose a dress that is more like a tunic – a straight, relaxed silhouette.  You don’t want anything hugging your body in the wrong area.  This way you have a pretty dress, without showing off problem areas.  You can also choose a dress that shows off your shoulders and neckline.

Boy Shape:  If you have a more toned body, you will want to show off your other feminine features, which will mostly likely be your bust line.  The best way to do this is by finding a dress with a halter-top or v-neck to accentuate what you do have!

Have fun when choosing a dress! It’s not always the easiest shopping trip, as you know, but with these tips you might have a better chance of finding your sex appeal again with the perfect dress!