All those years ago when I first started my yoga practice, stylish clothing wasn’t a requirement.  I remember going to class in capris that doubled as my “painting pants”.  The only comment I got from my teacher was “wear something a little more fitted so I can see your form”.  The next class I donned my biking shorts circa 1992 with a concert tank top. There. Done.  I was a YOGI.

Fast forward a few years and yoga pants were selling for anywhere from $65 to well over $100.  Seriously?  With that big a financial commitment, I needed to decide if I should practice yoga or just dress as if I do.  It was causing a little stress which if I am correct, is the opposite of what my yoga practice is intended to do.  Did I give in? Yes. Of course. I am a woman.  I gulped hard as I made that initial purchase.  When I put on my new yoga attire I have to admit I felt pretty …well, pretty.  I went to class and OF COURSE noticed every single item of clothing that was worn by others.  “think calming thoughts, Mina” was my mantra for class but for some reason couldn’t stop looking around.  I took note of everything.  From the headbands to the tank tops to the “Oh I’m so jealous why can’t I have those pants” pants.  I left class without the rush I normally acquire from my practice. 

A few weeks later I took my daughter to class.  When she came out ready to go she had on torn tights and a Johnny Cash t-shirt.  I will make a side note here and say yes, in Nashville a Johnny Cash t-shirt is acceptable pretty much anywhere. BUT YOGA?  “Are you really going to wear that” I asked.  “yeah” she rolled her eyes.  I looked down at what I was wearing and I looked cute.  Matchy match and all that.  “OK, lets go”.  During that class as I practiced next to my daughter, she taught me a valuable lesson.  Its not what I wear, its not the label, its not a fashion show.  Its my practice and that can go with me anywhere in whatever I happen to be wearing.

My goal is to start including a short helpful gem each post.  Let me know your interest, thoughts or topics you are curious about.  The gem for this post is short and sweet.  In Nashville, we have had record breaking heat this summer.  How do you stay cool during or after a workout?  Cucumbers!  I use them two different ways.  Just cut a few slices and rub on my face and take two and place over my eyes for a quick eye pick me up.  Also, I keep a face mist in my gym bag that is cucumber infused.  A great way to give your skin a little nourishment after a tough workout.


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